Date Title File
06/11/2020 Third quarter 2020 financial information Download
24/09/2020 François Matray appointed Chief Executive Officer of MRM Download
29/07/2020 First half 2020 results Download
26/06/2020 All resolutions submitted to the vote adopted Download
22/06/2020 MRM secures a 6-month maturity extension of its main bank loans Download
11/06/2020 Composition of the Bureau for the 2020 General Meeting to be held behind closed doors Download
04/06/2020 Modalities relating to the Combined General Meeting of 26 June 2020 Download
15/05/2020 Information concerning the 2020 annual general meeting and payouts to shareholders in respect of the 2019 financial year Download
07/05/2020 First quarter 2020 financial information Download
03/04/2020 2020 Annual Shareholders' Meeting of MRM Download
30/03/2020 Measures implemented in the face of the COVID-19 situation Download
28/02/2020 2019 Annual results Download