Date Title File
01/12/2009 The opening of the Habitat Vélizy store marks the completion of MRM’s redevelopment of the Carré Vélizy complex. Download
12/11/2009 Financial information for the 3rd quarter of 2009 Download
18/09/2009 Sale of a retail unit in Saint Priest (69) for €2.2 million Download
17/09/2009 Marine Pattin appointed Chief Financial Officer of MRM Download
10/09/2009 First half 2009 results Download
30/07/2009 Financial information for the 2nd quarter of 2009 Download
23/07/2009 Sale for €7.3 million of retail units located within "Les Portes de l’Oise", a retail area in Chambly Download
11/06/2009 Shareholders’ Meeting of 11 June 2009 adopts all resolutions and Changes to MRM’s Board of Directors and its modus operandi Download
10/06/2009 Partial restructuring of the MRM group’s short-term debt thanks to a new €35 million credit line maturing in 2014 Download
14/05/2009 Financial information for the 1st quarter 2009 Download
30/04/2009 New Registration Document available (French version only) Download
21/04/2009 Appointment of Jacques Blanchard as Chairman and CEO of MRM and changes to the Board of Directors Download
26/02/2009 2008 Results Download
12/02/2009 Financial information for the 4th quarter of 2008 Download
03/02/2009 French version only : Après restructuration, le centre commercial du centre ville d’Amiens, « Les Halles du Beffroi », devient « Les Halles » Download